Accident Insurance

We all know to expect the unexpected, but are we all prepared for the unexpected?

A good health insurance plan is there to make sure you’re covered in sickness and in health. However, accidents can and will happen, and basic coverage only goes so far. And if that accident results in a debilitating injury, not only will you have to stay on top of your monthly bills while recovering, medical expenses can pile up quickly, leaving you buried in debt.

Did your Saturday afternoon start with a friendly game of softball and end in the emergency room with a broken leg? Did a fall down the stairs result in a back injury that requires extended bedrest? These are both very real situations that can easily keep you home from work and could take weeks of physical therapy and rehab. As good as your traditional health insurance policy may be, it likely won’t cover all of the expenses involved.

This is why we offer affordable rates on Individual Accident Insurance policies. A supplemental Individual Accident Insurance policy can help cover personal, medical and out-of-pocket costs not protected by your existing healthcare plan when a death, dismemberment, disablement or other serious bodily injury occurs as the result of an accident or unforeseen event.

An Individual Accidental Insurance policy is an affordable and reasonable addition to your current plan. Get in touch with an agent at Family Tree Financial Group to learn more.