Our Process

We work hard to earn your business and to get your planning right. We have a detailed process to make sure we recommend the best strategy and plan design. And, when you consider that we make these recommendations by utilizing the strengths of our team that has almost 150 years of combined experience across multiple specialties, we can absolutely help any client with any planning need they might have.


In addition to our team of Financial Professionals, our dedicated team consist of experts in many specialized areas of insurance, tax planning and investment strategies.

  • More Than 5 Certified Financial Planners
  • 2 Attorneys
  • A Case Design Team / Plan Design Team

Family Tree Financial Group’s Six Step Process:


This is where we really get to know you. We ask many questions with the intention of getting to understand your wants, needs, and goals.


Next, we take data collected during Discovery and really make sure we understand your financial situation (past, present, and goals for the future). We also make sure we have a thorough understanding of your budget, risk tolerance, timeline, biggest financial concerns and fears.

Collaborative Case Design

This is where the Financial Representative and a Senior Advisor, Attorney, CFP or our company President design the solution(s). This is also where the process of “shopping” for the right company comes into play. Many factors are considered in choosing the right carrier(s), such as health factors, hobbies, medical history and much more.

Having such a wide array of companies allows us to offer the unique and unbiased solutions that we pride ourselves on. As earlier stated, we do not adhere to the philosophy of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to financial planning. Whenever possible, our plans are built with the end result in mind.


In this step, we present our findings and our potential solutions. We discuss things that the client is doing well (financially speaking), as well as things that they might want to adjust, stop doing or change completely, depending on the findings. If there are areas for the client to improve their position and more efficiently reach or exceed their goals, this is when we present these solutions and recommendations to them.


If the client feels that our recommendation(s) are right for their situation, the next step is for us to implement the strategy. The bottom line is that we want to recommend the right products from the right company(ies), using the right strategy(ies), and ultimately have the right outcome for our clients.


At Family Tree Financial Group, our relationship is an ongoing one. Our process encourages each FTFG Representative to meet with their clients after the 1st six months and then annually to review their program. This system allows us to proactively address any changes that may need to be made. If there are changes in income, family structure, life events, product, or interest rate changes, etc. we can make the necessary course corrections in a timely manner.