Our Services

We offer a core range of services, all designed to meet your specific needs.
These include:


Life Insurance

Term and Permanent – Designed to provide protection and peace of mind for your loved ones in the event of your death. These funds may be used in many ways including to: assist with educational costs for your children/grandchildren, pay off a mortgage, support a favorite cause or charity, pay-off debts, leave a legacy or replace loss of income and much more!


Long Term Care

As we continue to live longer, the likelihood of needing long-term care continues to grow as well. These plans help pay costs associated with Nursing Home, Assisted Living or in-home healthcare, providing choices and allowing our clients to keep their dignity.



Fixed, Indexed, Variable, Immediate Income, Deferred, etc. Sometimes used for wealth accumulation, wealth protection and for lifetime income payments.


Cancer Insurance

Provides either a lump sum or cumulative cash benefits to help with the direct and indirect costs associated with treating cancer.


Disability Income

Generally, provides a monthly income in the event of illness or injury to help replace a percentage of monthly income.


Accident Insurance

Indemnity plan. Pays direct to the owner due to a covered accident resulting in injury or death


Critical Illness Insurance

Provides either a lump sum or cumulative cash benefits to protect against the financial impacts of fighting critical illnesses. Roughly 50% of foreclosures occur due to critical illnesses.


Small Business Solutions

Including Group Benefits and Voluntary Benefits. Major Medical, Life, Dental, Vision, Retirement, D.I., Health supplements, Ancillary products



Medicare Plan overview and open enrollment information for part A, B, C & Advantage Plans